Query API

Network Data

getdifficulty - current mining difficulty
gethashrate - estimated hash rate (hash/s)
getblockcount - current block height
getlasthash - hash of latest block

Coin Data

blockreward - current block reward
coinsupply - total coins mined
unminedcoins - total unmined coins
runtime - time since first block (secs)

Transaction Data

txinput/TxHash - total tx input value
txoutput/TxHash - total tx output value
txfee/TxHash - tx fee value (inputs - outputs)
txcount - number of tx's in blockchain

Address Data

addressbalance/Address/Confs - balance of address
addresslimit/Address/Confs - withdrawal limit of address
addresslastseen/Address - block when address last used
addresscount - number of non-empty addresses


getinfo - general information
txinfo/TxHash - transaction information
addressinfo/Address/Confs - address information
blockinfo/BlockHash - block information


The following example shows a correct URL for checking the balance of an address, disregarding transactions with less than 3 confirmations (the confirmation argument is always optional, the default value is 1). All other queries which take 1 or more arguments use the same arg1 and arg2 parameter names as shown below.


Or if URL rewriting is active you can use this more friendly format: